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Experience, Experience, Experience -- that's what counts in Court. Paul W. Burmaster is a Former Prosecutor in both Kansas and Missouri with over 20 years of experience in court.

Paul W. Burmaster focuses on DUI and DWI defense because of the immense complexities in these areas. DUI and DWI laws are constantly changing, so you need an experienced attorney. However, our firm has also successfully defended all types of criminal cases since 1994 ranging from simple Possession of Marijuana to First Degree Murder.

There are many possibilities in any DUI case. Regardless of your situation, do not automatically assume the charge is valid or that it cannot be beat. Mr. Burmaster has won drunk driving cases on a wide range of legal grounds, including improper car stops, field sobriety tests, breath tests, blood tests, and probable cause issues.

If you are facing a criminal charge of any type, you don't have time to waste. Speak to an experienced former prosecutor now. Call Paul W. Burmaster now for a free consultation.

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