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The U.S. Constitution has provisions that are meant to protect the rights of the American people. One of these provisions, the 4th Amendment, protects against unreasonable search and seizure. Because of this right, law enforcement officers are only allowed to pull drivers over in DUI stops when they have enough probable cause or reasonable grounds for believing that a person has broken the law. For example, it may be okay to pull a driver over if that individual made a traffic violation or exhibited common signs of DUI (such as swerving in an out of lanes). However, it is not okay to pull someone over simply because of a hunch by the officer or because the person in the vehicle is driving away from a bar or liquor store.

Any stops that are not based on probable cause or reasonable suspicion are determined illegal police stops. If you were subject to this type of stop, your DUI arrest might have been illegal as well. At Paul W. Burmaster P.A., we have a Kansas City DUI lawyer who can help you in your efforts to prove that there was a lack of grounds for your DUI stop or arrest. When this fact can be proven, it is usually possible to get the case dismissed. Whether you have been charged by the state of Kansas or the state of Missouri, we can provide you with high-quality DUI defense!

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