Ignition Interlock Devices

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A DUI conviction in Kansas will result in you being required to have an ignition interlock device, or IID, installed in your motor vehicle. An IID is a breath testing device which is attached to your car's ignition system.

By taking breath samples, your IID prohibits anyone from starting your car if they have been drinking. Random rolling tests are also required from the driver once the vehicle has started and if the resulting BAC is higher than the programmed levels in the device, the engine may shut off.

Avoiding IID Installation in Your Car

To contest a DUI arrest and prevent having an IID installed in your car, you will need a reputable Kansas City DUI attorney on your side. Attorney Paul Burmaster focuses on defending clients from DUI charges so contact his office today if you have been arrested for drinking and driving.

Even one DUI conviction has serious repercussions. With a conviction in Kansas, your license will probably be suspended for one year and you will have to pay extensive fines. To get your driver's license reinstated, you will need to:

  • Pay the reinstatement fees
  • Complete an alcohol treatment program
  • Purchase SR22 high-risk car insurance for 12 months
  • Participate in ignition interlock program

A first DUI conviction can result in having an IID installed for six months. If a person's BAC was 0.15 or higher, the device will remain for a year. If the driver refused to take a breath test, the IID will be installed for two years. For any subsequent DUI convictions, the IID will be installed for longer periods of time.

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