Missouri DWI Laws

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Charged with a DWI in the state of Missouri? Make sure you understand the state's DWI (or DUI) laws to determine what penalties you may face if convicted. The best way to learn exactly what your case will entail is to consult with a Kansas City DWI defense attorney. Attorney Paul W. Burmaster has more than 20 years of experience and has taken hundreds of cases to trial. Contact our firm today to discuss your options with a skilled defense lawyer.

Administrative Hearings in Missouri

There are two separate legal issues that arise out of a DWI arrest. The first is an administrative hearing to fight a driver's license suspension. You must schedule your hearing within 15 days of your arrest or else your license will be suspended. If you refused the breath test, you waive your right to the initial hearing and have 30 days to appear, but don't despair -- you may still get to keep your license, especially if it's a first offense. You should also hire an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you and present a strong defense, and fight to retain your right to drive. If you have a CDL license, call us right away. The rules are different and more urgent for CDL drivers.

Criminal Penalties for Missouri DWI Convictions

Similar to DUI laws in Kansas, the DWI penalties increase for each subsequent conviction. A first-time offense for driving while intoxicated will result in up to 6 months in jail, a fine of up to $500, and license suspension for 90 days. A third or subsequent DWI will be considered a felony and could include a prison sentence instead of jail time. Attorney Burmaster can help you understand the details of these laws and how they may affect your case.

Excellent Defense for DWI Charges

Paul W. Burmaster P.A. serves clients in throughout Kansas and Missouri including in Overland Park, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Contact our firm today for relentless defense from an experienced DWI lawyer. As the recipient of the 2012 Clients' Choice Award from Avvo®, Attorney Burmaster has demonstrated a consistent client-focused approach and dedication to achieving results. He has handled more than 300 bench trial cases and has represented clients in more than 40 jury trials. If you need a lawyer who will provide you with extensive options and fight your charges from every angle, our firm can help. Contact us today to discuss your options through a free, no-obligation consultation.

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