Violation of DUI Probation

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If you were arrested for DUI, you may be able to arrange for a plea deal for probation as part of your sentence. If you fail to live up to the requirements of your probation, your probation officer could request a motion to revoke the probation and you could be sent to jail. If you have been accused of violating your DUI probation, you need the experience and credentials of Paul W. Burmaster P.A.. Call his Kansas City DUI defense firm today!

How is probation violated?

When a person is convicted of DUI, probation is ordered for one year in Kansas and often two years in Missouri. As DUI is a non-violent crime in most cases, this is a common form of punishment. However, if that probation is violated, the defendant will most likely face even harsher penalties.

Common ways probation is violated include:

  • Failure to pay court fees and/or restitution
  • Failure to appear for your probation monitor's meetings
  • Failure to comply with court orders such as counseling, community service, or AA
  • Violation of conditions or rules of a probation agreement
  • Committing a crime while on probation
  • Possessing illegal substances or testing positive for drugs or alcohol

If you have violated the terms of your probation, or just been accused of violating your probation, you need a skilled defense lawyer. You should also be preparing to present yourself in the best light in court if your probation officer tries to revoke your probation.

Take the Steps Needed to Preserve Your Freedom

This can best be accomplished by hiring a seasoned Kansas City DUI attorney to argue on your behalf and present your side of the story. Speak with Attorney Burmaster about the details of your case and probation right away so that you can begin building your defense.

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